Clean Up Your Apps by Deleting Unnecessary Datasets

Remove unnecessary datasets from your My Private App or shared apps on which you have at least Editor access. Removing datasets reduces clutter and helps you avoid reaching your org's limit for rows across registered datasets.

User Permissions Needed
To delete a dataset: Edit Analytics Cloud Dataflows

Before you can delete a dataset created by a dataflow, you must remove all references to the dataset in all dataflows.



You can’t recover a deleted dataset.

  1. On the home or app page, click the Datasets tab.
  2. Hover over the dataset that you want to delete, and then click Edit.
  3. Click Delete Dataset.
    If applicable, Analytics Cloud shows a list of all lenses and dashboards that reference the dataset and that you have access to view. After you delete the dataset, any lens or dashboard that reference the dataset will become unusable.
  4. Click Delete Permanently and confirm.