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IdeaExchange Idea delivered
Salesforce Overall
More Than 4 Fields on Related List in Lightning Experience Power Up Your Related Lists with Enhanced Related Lists (Generally Available)
Email Deliverability Changes Not Tracked in Audit Log Track Changes to Send Email Access Level

Monitor More Changes in the Setup Audit Trail

Allow Task(s) to be assigned to a Queue Activities: Assign Tasks to a Queue to Share Work Efficiently
Inline Edit of Opportunities from the Forecast Tab Update Multiple Deals from the Forecasts Page in Lightning Experience
Configure Opportunity Team Related List in Lightning Experience Account and Opportunity Team Related List Customization Is Supported
Product Filter in Lightning Experience - When Adding to Opportunity or Quote Use Filters to Narrow Opportunity Product Searches in Lightning Experience (partially delivered)
Opportunity Cloning Should Clone the Contact Roles Too

Lightning - Include Clone with Products Action on Opportunities

Cloning a Campaign Should Clone Campaign Member Status Options in Lightning

Clone Opportunities or Campaigns Along with Their Related Records
Log an email set for Send Later in SalesforceIQ Inbox Schedule and Manage Scheduled Emails in Lightning Experience

Schedule and Manage Scheduled Emails in High Velocity Sales

Allow Prospects to Opt Back In Enjoy More Control Over Prospect Resubscribe Messaging on Forms
Allow Users to Disable Email Message Threading in the Inbox App for Android View Emails Without Conversation Threading in Inbox for Android
Show exact date time of Chatter post or activity in Lightning Case Console feed Set the Date and Time Stamp Format for Case Feed Items
Path on Salesforce1 Not Showing Dependent Fields Update Paths with Dependent Picklists on Mobile Devices
Add Edit and Clone functions to Action Plan Templates Create Copies of Action Plan Templates with Deep Cloning
Save While Inside Screen Element of Flow Builder Reference a Newly Created Screen Field Without Leaving the Screen Editor
Support for sObject Collection Variables in Invocable Methods for Flows Build Invocable Actions That Work for Multiple Objects
Save-All-Fields Option in Fast Lookup in Flow

Read into sObject Variable Directly in the Flow

Flow Editor—Limit Selection of Object Fields to Those Actually Available

Include a "Select All" Option for sObject Fields in Flow

Configure Get Records Elements Without Selecting Fields
Ability to Create 301 Redirects via API Apex: New and Changed Items
Ability to Create a 301 Redirect from One URL to Another (partially delivered) Apex: New and Changed Items