Migrate Legacy Policies to the Enhanced Transaction Security Framework (Previously Released Critical Update)

With Salesforce’s enhanced transaction security policy framework, you can create transaction security policies that execute actions on any standard or custom object. Now that the new framework is generally available, we no longer allow users to create legacy transaction security policies. We're retiring the legacy framework in the Summer ’20 release. To prepare for this retirement and take advantage of the new features, migrate your legacy transaction security policies to the new framework as soon as possible. This critical update was first made available in Winter ’20.

Where: This change applies to Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic in Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, and Developer editions where Event Monitoring is enabled.

When: After we retire the legacy framework in the Summer ’20 release, the legacy policies will be permanently disabled and you won’t be able to update them. Your legacy policies continue to work correctly until the Summer ’20 release.

Who: Event Monitoring is available to customers who purchased Salesforce Shield or Event Monitoring add-on subscriptions.

How: To determine if your security policies are using the legacy framework, check their associated Apex classes. Legacy policies implement the TxnSecurity.PolicyCondition interface.

To migrate a legacy policy, create one in the new enhanced framework that mimics the old behavior. Although a legacy policy can’t run in the new framework, it’s still visible, so you can examine its logic to reproduce it in the new policy.

If you like using a point-and-click tool, Condition Builder provides most of the functionality to create a policy in the new framework. If you prefer to code or require more functionality than Condition Builder provides, implement the Apex class with the new TxnSecurity.EventCondition interface.

We welcome feedback about the migration and any issues that you encounter so that we can improve the transition for all Event Monitoring customers. You can provide feedback and suggestions for this feature in the Salesforce Official: Shield group in the Trailblazer Community.