Enable Partial Save for Invocable Actions (Critical Update, Enforced)

Enable Partial Save for Invocable Actions was a critical update in Winter ‘20 and is enforced in Spring ’20, on April 9, 2020. This critical update improves the behaviors and effects of failed invocable actions. It only affects external REST API calls to invocable actions done in bulk. With this update, when invoking a set of actions in a single request, a single failed invocable action no longer causes the entire transaction to fail. Without this update, if a single invocable action fails, other invocable actions within the transaction are rolled back and the entire transaction fails.

Where: This change applies to Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic in Essentials, Professional, Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, and Developer editions.

Why: Without this critical update, if one invocable action fails, other invocable actions in the same transaction are rolled back. With this critical update, Salesforce tries three times to execute the invocable actions that run successfully and rolls back only the invocable actions that fail to execute. This functionality is called “partial save.”

Most invocable action types that are invoked via REST API are enabled with the partial save functionality. However, even with this critical update, the following action types don’t support partial save functionality:
  • Cancel Fulfillment Order

  • Cancellation Orders

  • Capture Funds

  • Content Workspaces

  • Create Fulfillment Order

  • Create Invoice from Fulfillment Order

  • Create Service Report

  • External Services

  • Generate Work Orders

  • Invocable Apex

  • Skills-based Routing

  • Submit Digital Form Response

Partial save can cause an external callout to occur multiple times, and external callouts can’t be rolled back. Repeated external callouts can occur only when a flow is launched from a process or invoked from REST API, and that flow makes multiple attempts to execute the action that’s making the external callouts.

Because partial save can make multiple attempts to execute an action, the transaction can take longer than expected. This can cause your org to reach some limits sooner than expected.

When: This critical update begins auto-activating on April 9, 2020. Before that date, or before you activate this critical update in your production org, we recommend that you test it in a sandbox or Developer Edition org to make sure that your invocable actions work correctly. If you must work in your production org, do so during off-peak hours.

How: From Setup, enter Critical Updates in the Quick Find box, and select Critical Updates. For Enable Partial Save for Invocable Actions, click Activate.

Review any API integrations that use invocable actions to ensure they properly accommodate partial-save behavior.