Help Your Chat Agents Respond Faster with Einstein Reply Recommendations (Pilot)

Einstein Reply Recommendations analyzes data from chat transcripts to create chat replies that address your customers’ inquiries. Agents select the most relevant chat reply from a list in the Lightning Service Console as they communicate with customers.
Where: This change applies to Lightning Experience in Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, and Developer editions.


We provide Einstein Reply Recommendations to selected customers through a pilot program that requires agreement to specific terms and conditions. To be nominated to participate in the program, contact Salesforce. Pilot programs are subject to change, and we can’t guarantee acceptance. Einstein Reply Recommendations isn’t generally available unless or until Salesforce announces its general availability in documentation or in press releases or public statements. We can’t guarantee general availability within any particular time frame or at all. Make your purchase decisions only on the basis of generally available products and features.

Why: When you set up Einstein Reply Recommendations, Einstein examines closed chat transcripts to produce a list of suggested replies that agents can use while they chat with customers.

After Einstein creates suggested replies, approve or change them to meet your business’s needs. After an admin approves the replies, the replies appear in the Einstein Suggestions Card in the Lightning Service Console. As agents chat with customers, Einstein analyzes the chat and dynamically surfaces the most relevant replies. Agents can select and send the suggested replies that best resolve their customers’ issues.A screenshot of the Einstein Replies component, which shows a few suggested replies, in the Lightning Service Console

Einstein Reply Recommendations might be right for you if your org meets the following requirements.
  • You use chat in the Lightning Service Console to support customers.
  • You have at least 10,000 closed English chat transcripts.


Einstein Reply Recommendations is available in English, with limited support in other languages.

How: For information on enabling this feature, contact Salesforce.