Combine Duplicate Cases with Case Merge (Generally Available)

Let agents merge duplicate cases like they merge duplicate accounts and contacts with Case Merge. Now, support agents can consolidate up to three duplicate cases so they can cut through the clutter and focus on what's important: your customers

Where: This change applies to Lightning Experience in Essentials, Professional, Performance, Unlimited, Enterprise, and Developer editions.

Why: Depending on your settings, the duplicated cases are either added to the Merged Cases related list or soft-deleted. Previously, merging cases also deleted duplicate cases, so agents could only merge cases if they had the Delete permission on the Cases object. Now, you can choose whether to keep or to delete the duplicate cases after the cases are merged.

If your org chooses to keep the duplicate cases, the duplicate cases are added to the Merged Cases related list on the master case record to show which cases were combined to form the master case. “Merged” is appended to the subject in the Highlights panel from the Record Home, so agents immediately know that these cases were merged. Agents can click “Merged” in the subject line as a shortcut to the master case.

If your org chooses to delete merged cases, then only the master case is saved. The merged cases are soft deleted and are available in to the recycle bin for 15 days.

Related List showing cases that comprise the new merged case

Agents can see duplicate cases from the Case record page in the Merged Cases Related List, which shows a list of all the cases that were merged to form the master case.

If you decide to keep merged cases, they appear in the Merged Cases related list. If you decide to delete merged cases, only the master case is saved. You can find the other merged cases in the Recycle Bin for the next 15 days.

Link the master case populates in subject line

How: From Setup, enter Case Merge in the Quick Find box, then select Case Merge. Enable Case Merge and specify what happens to duplicate cases after your agents merge them.

New setup page for Merging Cases

Deleting duplicate cases after merge still requires the necessary CRUD permissions, otherwise agents can’t merge the cases.