Streamline Outreach to Help Reps Sell Faster with Sales Cadences

With sales cadences, your inside sales reps can work through their prospects at top speed. Inside sales managers use Sales Cadence Builder to create consistent, scheduled cadences of outreach activities to help reps nurture their prospects with maximum efficiency. A sales cadence can include activities like sending emails, making calls, arranging meetings, and sending text messages. Sales managers and reps can add leads and contacts to each sales cadence. Sales reps act on the sales cadence activities from a prioritized work queue that shows them at a glance which prospects are ready for each outreach.

Where: The High Velocity Sales app and sales cadences are available for an extra cost in Lightning Experience in Enterprise, Performance, and Unlimited editions.

Who: To create sales cadences, users need the High Velocity Sales Cadence Creator permission. To create email templates, users need the Manage Public Lightning Email Templates permission.

Why: Managers can build best practices right into Salesforce, optimizing prospecting outcomes. Sales cadences guide new and veteran reps alike through the prospecting process—including when to email a prospect, when to call, or when to wait. Managers can even specify call scripts and email templates for each step.

For reps, sales cadences bring together all of their pending activities in one view and log their activities as they complete them. After reps start using sales cadences, managers can report on which of them result in the best sales outcomes.

The Sales Cadence object home page.

The Sales Cadences tab (1) shows details for each sales cadence, including whether it is in draft, activating, or active (2). When in draft, sales managers can edit the sales cadence. When the sales cadence is activated, the sales manager can assign leads and contacts to the sales cadence, but the steps can’t be changed.

A sales cadence record detail page.

Managers can check the details on the sales cadence record detail page, including the leads and contacts targeted by the sales cadence (1) and its outreach steps (2).

For example, a sales manager can create a sales cadence that guides sales reps to make two back-to-back phone calls to the prospect, wait half a day, and then call again or send an email. This sequence is a best practice for optimizing the prospecting results.

How: Sales managers use the Sales Cadence Builder to create each scheduled outreach plan.

The Sales Cadence Builder.

Click the + icons (1) to add an email (2), call (3), wait period (4), or a custom step (5), such as setting up a meeting or sending a text message.

The Add to Sales Cadence action on a contact record.

After a sales cadence is activated, sales managers or reps can add prospects right from a lead or contact detail page by clicking the Add to Sales Cadence action (1). Then choose a sales cadence to get prospects started on the scheduled outreach.

Assigning the contact to a sales cadence.

You can assign a lead and contact to only one sales cadence at a time, and the lead or contact appears in the Work Queue of the record owner. If your business wants to address new prospects with a specific sales process immediately when they come in, you can add them to sales cadences automatically. Use Process Builder and Flow Designer without code, or use Process Builder and Apex.