Joined Reports Arrive in Lightning Experience (Generally Available)

With up to five blocks, joined reports let you view different types of information in a single report. Each block shows data from one standard or custom report type.

Where: This feature is generally available in Lightning Experience in Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, and Developer editions.

Why: Joined reports are perfect for analyzing Salesforce data across multiple report types, like Opportunities with Products joined to Cases with Assets. Or, get multiple, simultaneous views of an object, like Closed Won Opportunities alongside Closed Lost Opportunities.

For example, create the ultimate sales report by building a joined report. Add three blocks to the joined report that give you a complete view of your accounts, opportunities, and cases.

Or, build a joined report to get a birds-eye-view of your customer service operation. Add three blocks and assign each of them the Cases report type. Filter one block by open status, one by in progress, and the third by closed status.

How: You can turn any report into a joined report by clicking Report Change format | Joined Report | Apply.

Creating a joined report

To add a block, click Add block Add Block, and choose a report type.

Adding a block to a joined report

Group, filter, summarize, and chart report data just like in other reports. Before you know it, your joined report provides useful business insights. This one compares closed won opportunities with closed lost opportunities.

Reading a joined report that compares closed won opportunities with closed lost opportunities

Now that Lightning joined reports are generally available, these actions are supported.

  • Create joined reports
  • Convert existing unjoined reports into joined reports
  • Rename blocks
  • Reorder blocks
  • Change principal report type (the report type of the first block in a Lightning joined report is always the principal report type)
  • Adding and editing summary formulas and cross-block summary formulas
  • Chatter feeds

Lightning joined reports don't support these features.

  • Subscriptions
  • Export
  • Open in Quip
  • Conditional formatting
  • Currency picklist selector
  • Trend report data in Einstein Analytics
  • Einstein Data Insights


We removed Enable Lightning Joined Reports (Beta) from Reports and Dashboards Settings in Setup.