Get to Know Leads and Opportunities in the Sales Stages Setup Flow

Customize every stage of your sales process, from the top of your funnel with leads through deal closure with opportunities. Previously, this flow created opportunity stages only. Plus, get the context you need to create the best path for your team with a new start screen that explains leads and opportunities.

Where: This change applies to the Essentials edition.

Why: The new start screen helps you better understand how leads and opportunities work together to power your team throughout the sales process. The introduction to the setup flow includes a graphic and some information about leads and opportunities.

The stages step in the flow lets you customize both lead statuses and opportunity stages so that you can more easily track where and how your leads convert to opportunities. We recommend stages to use based on customers like you, then you can tailor them for your unique business.When you customize your stages, leads statuses and opportunity stages are both available.