Track User Actions in Time-Based Workflows More Comprehensively

To give you more visibility into what happened during a particular user session, we added LOGIN_KEY and SESSION_KEY fields to the Time-Based Workflow event type.
Available in: Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, and Developer Editions

  • LOGIN_KEY—The string that ties together all events in a given user’s login session. It starts with a login event and ends with either a logout event or the user session expiring.
  • SESSION_KEY—The user’s unique session ID. You can use this value to identify all user events within a session. When a user logs out and logs in again, a new session is started.


Use SESSION_KEY to correlate multiple log events that occurred within the same transaction. If a time-dependent workflow action updates a record, which then triggers additional changes, you can correlate all log file entries from that transaction using SESSION_KEY.