Use Path to Track Campaign Progress

Campaigns have a life cycle. Whether they’ve just sent the first email or They’re reeling in those last few leads, Path helps your marketing team manage the stages of your campaigns. Use a path to coach your marketers how to move a campaign to the next stage. This change applies to Lightning Experience only.
The Path component on a campaign

For example, maybe your marketing team uses long-term campaigns that take a while to develop. Or, perhaps you have a short marketing cycle with lots of campaigns. Path can help marketers quickly see and update the status of each campaign right at the top of the record.

With all paths, the steps are based on the values in the picklist field that you select when you set up the path. For campaigns, choose the Status field or another field you use to track campaign progress. If you use separate record types for campaigns, you can create a different path for each.

Because many business processes can apply to campaigns, we don’t provide a default path. Instead, use any available campaign picklist fields to create the path that makes sense for your sales team. Create a path for campaigns using the same steps used for other objects. From Setup, enter Path in the Quick Find box, and then select Path Settings. Use the Lightning App Builder to add the Path component to your campaign page layouts. To reorder the picklist values, use the Object Manager to edit the field that your path uses.