Community Workspaces: The New Center of Your Communities Universe

Tired of jumping between two different pages to build and manage your community? Ever forget where to find Administration or Dashboards? Now you can access Builder, Administration, Dashboards, and all your moderation tools in one place—Community Workspaces.

The new streamlined Community Workspaces centralizes all your community needs, whether you’re moderating, building, or administering your community. Also access quick links to frequently visited pages, catch up on release notes, and dive into Help & Training.

Screenshot of Community Workspaces

Enable Community Workspaces

To enable Community Workspaces, in Setup,enter Communities in the Quick Find box and click Communities Settings. Under Community Management Settings, select Enable Community Workspaces. Community Workspacesare enabled by default in all orgs created after Spring ‘17.

Not ready to move to Community Workspaces yet? You don’t have to do a thing. Your settings stay the same unless you enable Community Workspaces. Want to check out Workspaces? Feel free to give it a try. You can easily revert to Community Management by deselecting Enable Community Workspaces.



Internet Explorer® version 11 does not support Community Workspaces.

What’s Different?

Community Workspaces offers a streamlined area to access all the tools that you need for building, managing, and tracking your community. Even though it looks different, everything you use is still there. Some things have been moved around a bit.

Engagement reports have been moved into the Dashboard workspace. Reporting dashboards and your Home dashboards are also located in the Dashboard workspace. Screenshot of Dashboards workspace

Recommendations and Topics are in the new Content Targeting workspace. Screenshot of Content Targeting workspace

Moderation pages have been organized into separate areas within the Moderation workspace. You can access moderation Insights from the Home tab and create and customize moderation rules, member criteria, and content criteria from the Rules tab. Screenshot of Moderation Workspace

Want to jump to another workspace from the workspace you are in? It’s easy! Click the icon in the upper-left corner and a navigation dropdown menu appears. You can also switch between communities without leaving Community Workspaces. Screenshot of Navigation menu