Welcome to Spring ’14

Sell, service, market, and innovate like never before with Spring ’14. Be productive on the go with new mobile features that let you connect with your customers in a whole new way. 

We have all the resources you need to get up to speed quickly. 

  • Release Notes—Let this document be your comprehensive guide to the release.
  • Success–Release Readiness community—Join now to be in-the-know on Spring ’14.
  • Release demos—Get quick video overviews of what’s coming this release.
  • https://salesforce.adobeconnect.com/ (login required)—Curious about Standard, Premier, Localized, and ILT training changes and additions? Then look no further than the Training Release Notes, published every four months, to make it easy for you and your customers to stay up on the latest training innovations.
  • Spring ’14 Release Training—Take online training to check out ’Spring 14 features and enhancements and to prepare for certification release exams.

Welcome to Spring ’14!