Chatter Profile-Based Rollout—Pilot

Roll out Chatter for a subset of users instead of all users in your organization.

Up to now, enabling Chatter meant giving all users in your organization full access to Chatter. Starting with this release, Salesforce introduces Chatter profile-based rollout. Use this new feature to make Chatter available for a part of your organization, but not for all users. Once Chatter profile-based rollout is enabled for your organization, your administrator can turn on Chatter for only the users that have been assigned the required user profile or permission sets. All other users in your organization won’t have access to Chatter.

With Chatter profile-based rollout, larger organizations can plan a controlled rollout and deploy Chatter in a way that enhances adoption and engagement on a team-by-team basis. Organizations with regulatory constraints have the option to give full or no access to Chatter based on employee roles and profiles.

For example, if you assign a user profile or permission set that excludes Chatter access to a subset of users, these users still have access to Salesforce objects, like accounts, leads, opportunities and so on, but they don’t see the record feed and they can’t make posts.

Chatter profile-based rollout is available through a pilot program. The pilot program is open for customers who currently don’t have Chatter enabled in their organization. For more information about Chatter profile-based rollout, contact your Salesforce representative.