Opportunity Workspace: Boost Sales Productivity with Lightning Experience

Moving deals through the sales process is easier than ever with the opportunity workspace—a one-stop shop for sales reps trying to close deals fast. This feature is available in Lightning Experience only.

Use Sales Path (1) to help your sales reps follow your company’s sales processes. You and your sales operations manager determine and customize the stages that appear for your reps. Reps can expand the sales path (2) to see key fields and guidance for each stage, which helps them onboard quickly. While in the workspace, sales reps see all the details about a single opportunity in one place (3). Related information (4), such as contacts, products, and notes, is quickly accessible. The composer (5) is where reps log calls, create tasks and events, and send emails. And reps never have to guess what’s left to be done—their scheduled activities appear under Next Steps (6). Logged calls, completed tasks, past events, and sent emails appear under Past Activity. Opportunity workspace