Brand a Salesforce Console

You can brand a console by adding a custom logo to its header and specifying colors for its header, footer, and primary tabs.
Salesforce console available in Salesforce Classic and App Launcher in Lightning Experience. Setup for Salesforce console available in Salesforce Classic.
Available in: Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, and Developer Editions with the Service Cloud

Available in: Performance and Developer Editions with the Sales Cloud

Available in: Enterprise and Unlimited Editions with the Sales Cloud for an extra cost

User Permissions Needed
To define colors in the Salesforce console: “Customize Application”
  1. From Setup, enter Apps in the Quick Find box, then select Apps.
  2. Click Edit next to a console.
  3. To add a custom logo, click Insert an image, and choose an image from the document library.
    Consider these requirements when choosing a custom app logo from the document library:
    • The image must be in GIF or JPEG format and less than 20 KB.
    • If the image is larger than 300 pixels wide by 55 pixels high, then it is scaled to fit.
    • For the best on-screen display, we recommend that you use an image with a transparent background.
    • The Externally Available checkbox must be selected on the document’s properties so that users can view the image.
  4. To specify a color, type a hex code in Header Color, Footer Color, or Primary Tab Color. For example, type #0000FF to define the header as blue.
  5. Click Save.
To verify that the correct colors display, view your console.


Defining header or footer colors is not yet available for the Metadata API.