Manage the Day Effectively with More Key Information in Salesforce Today

To ensure that Salesforce Today is the one-stop place where sales reps can manage their day, we’ve redesigned the main Today view to include more key information instead of forcing users to navigate around Salesforce1 to find what they need. In addition to mobile calendar events, users can also see important tasks and recently accessed Salesforce records.

No longer just an event list, the main Today view now shows these cards, in this fixed order:

  • Current Event (1)
  • Agenda (2)
  • My Tasks (3)
  • My Recent Records (4)
Screenshot of main Today view

Users can still tap current and future mobile calendar events to see details, including invitees with matching Salesforce contacts and accounts, and to access the conference call dialer, quick message, and log this event actions. And now users can just as easily tap to manage tasks and other relevant Salesforce records.

Current Event card

  • This card puts the focus on the user’s current or next meeting, highlighting key details like the starting time, duration, location, and number of invitees.
  • A current event is one that starts 15 minutes before and up to 15 minutes after the current time. If there are multiple meetings scheduled in this window, each one is displayed in a separate Current Event card.
  • If there aren’t any events in the current time window, the Current Event card shows the next event scheduled for the day.
  • All-day events and multi-day events that have already started aren’t displayed in this card.

Agenda card

  • As the day progresses, this card evolves to show upcoming events or earlier events so users can prepare for what is most relevant at the moment. Users can toggle the card to show all mobile calendar events scheduled for the day.
  • The Later Today state shows all upcoming events for the day. This state applies when at least one event has concluded and there are other upcoming events. The More link expands the card to show the complete list of events for the day.
  • The Earlier Today state shows all of the concluded events for the day. This state appears when all events are finished or the last event of the day is displaying in the Current Event card.
  • The Agenda state appears if the only event for the day is an all-day event or a multi-day event that’s in progress. (Today indicates in-progress multi-day events by showing “Starts” or “Ends” in connection with the event’s time.)
  • This card doesn’t display if there are no events for the day.

My Tasks card

  • This card includes up to three of the user’s most important tasks that are due on the current day, so it’s easier to keep activities updated before and after meetings.
  • Priority tasks show first, followed by other tasks. In each of these categories, tasks are sorted by creation date in descending order.
  • The More link opens the user’s full Task list.
  • This card doesn’t display if the user doesn’t have any tasks due on the current day.

My Recent Records card

  • This card gives users a quick way to access recently viewed Salesforce records, which may be related to a user’s meetings for the current day. Accessing these records from Today also makes it faster to do quick updates after a meeting or wrap up to-do items at the end of the day.

  • The card only shows records for objects that are available in the Salesforce1 app and that are supported in a Salesforce most recently used (MRU) items list. For example, because Salesforce Files Sync records aren’t supported as recently used items, recently viewed files aren’t included in this card.

  • The card displays up to three records; tap More to see the My Recent Records list of the 15 most recently accessed records.

All of the Today cards update every time a user accesses Today—either from the navigation menu or when tapping Back icon to return to Today from the Task list, the My Recent Records list, or an event or other record that was opened from Today. In addition, the Current Event and Agenda cards auto-refresh as the day proceeds. The pull-to-refresh gesture doesn’t work on the Today main view.