Narrow Global Search to a Recently Accessed Object

Users can now scope global searches to just find records for a specific object. This enhancement is currently provided in the Salesforce1 mobile browser app only, but will be included in a future update of the downloadable apps for Android and iOS devices.

Tapping Salesforce1 Search icon in the Salesforce1 header opens the global search box. Then select the type of records to find by tapping an object in the search scope bar below the search box. The search scope bar contains the same objects that users see in the Recent section of the navigation menu. To see all of the objects, swipe to the left on the bar.

Screenshot of search scope bar

[/concept/conbody/p/note {"- topic/note"}) It can take up to 15 days for the objects that users work with regularly in the full Salesforce site to appear in the Recent section. To make objects appear under Recent sooner, users can pin them from the search results screen in the full site. (note]

If an object doesn’t appear in the search scope bar, users can do object-specific searches directly from the object’s record search page. Tap the item in the navigation menu to access the object-specific search box.