Updates to Translated Terminology

We’ve updated some terminology, including tab and field names for our Hebrew and Korean language users. You can find details about the changes made by reviewing the knowledge article available from the Salesforce Customer Support site. For each term, we provide the English version and the corresponding previous and new translations.

You can find the complete list of term changes in knowledge article number 000199278 (URL: https://help.salesforce.com/apex/HTViewSolution?urlname=Winter-15-Updates-to-Translated-Terminology&language=en_US) on the Salesforce Customer Support site.

These terminology changes are available to all organizations. To keep your current tab and field labels, system administrators can change the name back using our rename tabs and labels functionality. For more information, see “Renaming Tab and Field Labels” and “Considerations for Renaming Tab and Field Labels” in the Salesforce Help or contact Customer Support.

For more information about supported languages, see “What languages does Salesforce support?” in the Salesforce Help.