Companies with a Wrongly Created D-U-N-S Number No Longer Shown in

We’ve made sure that companies with a wrongly created D-U-N-S number are removed from As a result, you’ll be getting the most up-to-date information from

User Permissions Needed
To implement

“Customize Application”

After deletes a company from its database, the company will:
  • No longer be shown in your search results.
  • No longer be matched to your Salesforce account or lead records by Clean.

If a Salesforce account or lead record was matched to a deleted company, the record’s clean status will change to Not Found when the record is cleaned, either manually or by automated jobs. If you want to find a new match for the record, delete the value in the D-U-N-S Number field before cleaning it.

(For Premium customers) Because a deleted company no longer appears in, its corresponding D&B Company record in Salesforce cannot be refreshed manually or by automated jobs. If you no longer want to retain a D&B Company record in Salesforce, go to the D&B Company record detail page and click Delete.