Access Visualforce Page Metrics Using the SOAP API

To query metrics on the Visualforce pages in your org, use the VisualforceAccessMetrics object in the Salesforce SOAP API. This change applies to both Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic.
Make a SOQL query in Workbench to get information from the VisualforceAccessMetrics object. This is a sample SOQL call.
SELECT ApexPageId,DailyPageViewCount,Id,MetricsDate FROM VisualforceAccessMetrics

Each VisualforceAccessMetrics object tracks the daily page view count in the DailyPageViewCount field. The date the metrics were collected is specified in MetricsDate, and the ID of the tracked Visualforce page is specified in ApexPageId. Page views are tallied the day after the page is viewed, and each VisualforceAccessMetrics object is removed after 90 days.

Using VisualforceAccessMetrics, you can track the number of views each Visualforce page in your org receives in a 24-hour time period. To find out how many views a page got over the course of multiple days, you can query multiple VisualforceAccessMetrics objects for the same ApexPageId.