Looking for a good way to get started with Salesforce or dive into a new feature? Meet Trailhead, a fun, guided, and interactive tool to learn Salesforce. You can follow guided learning paths for admins or developers, or choose your own adventure with self-paced modules.

Check out Trailhead at and find the right trail for you. Here are the latest modules and trails.

New Modules

Summer ’17 Release Notes Highlights
Explore highlights from the Summer '17 Release Notes.
Salesforce Partner Community
Learn how to partner with Salesforce and connect with the Salesforce Partner Community.
Ethics and Integrity for Salesforce Partners
Learn about legal and ethical expectations for Salesforce partners.
ISV App Trial Management
Convert your prospects to customers with a free trial of your ISV app.
Omni-Channel Basics
Unify your channels and manage your agent capacity with Omni-Channel and routing rules.
Platform Events Basics
Deliver custom notifications within the Salesforce platform and in external apps.

New Projects

Build an Instant Notification App
Design a system to configure and send custom notifications based on platform events.

New Trails

Build Your Practice as a Consulting Partner
Learn how your firm can make the most of a partnership with Salesforce.