Resize Your Chat Window and Font

Set the height, width, and base font size for your chat window in your code snippet. This change applies to Lightning Experience only.
This sample uses the default window and base font sizes.
embedded_svc.settings.widgetWidth = '320px';
embedded_svc.settings.widgetHeight = '498px';
embedded_svc.settings.widgetFontSize = '16px';
Keep the following in mind when setting sizes.
  • You can enter values in px or percent (%), or em or rem.
  • When you set the width in your code snippet, the max-width is set to none. Similarly, when you set the height, the max-height is set to none. This action prevents the chat window from auto-sizing if the browser window’s height or width changes to less than the set height or width of the chat window.
  • If the height of the browser window is less than 498px, the height defaults to 90% of the browser window’s height.


We recommend choosing a base font size no lower than 12 px and no higher than 24 px. If you don’t specify font size, it will default to a base size of 16 px.