Don’t Make Agents Wait for a Long-Lost Chat Visitor

When your chat visitor forgets to end a chat or gets distracted, your agents can get stuck waiting for a response. Set a time-out so that visitors have to respond within a certain amount of time before they lose the chat and have to try again. This change applies to both Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic.

Set Customer Time-Out in your associated Live Agent chat button. Specify a time period and when to send a warning to the visitor. For example, you can have the chat time out after 2 minutes, but send the visitor a notification after 90 seconds. The warning has a countdown, so the visitor knows exactly when the chat times out.

Time-out warning in the chat header.

If the chat times out, visitors can see what happened in the chat window, so they don’t think their agent left without saying goodbye!

Chat window after the chat has timed out. There is a message that the chat was ended due to a timeout.