Second-Generation Packaging (Pilot)

Concurrently with the Salesforce DX Beta release, customers can participate in the Pilot release of Second-Generation Packaging (Packaging 2).
We’ve been re-imagining packaging and actively working on how it should work in Salesforce DX. This Pilot of Packaging 2 gives you a chance to see where we’re going. Packaging 2 adds several exciting options to Salesforce DX:
  • Better organize your source and more easily share Apex code by defining multiple packages within a single namespace. This lets you use public Apex classes to share code across packages rather than using global Apex classes.
  • Implement feature branch development and testing.
  • Install multiple packages in one transaction, with pre- and post-install scripts.
  • Use a command line interface to enable fully API-driven development.
  • Develop packages that are source-driven, not org-based.
  • Easily develop and distribute dependent packages.