Information for Pilot Participants

Read this if you participated in the Salesforce DX Pilot and want to transition to Beta.

New Features for Beta

Check Out These New CLI Commands
  • force:lightning:test:create
  • force:lightning:test:run
  • force:package1:version:create:get
  • force:package:install:get
  • force:project:upgrade
Dev Hub Replaces Environment Hub for Managing Scratch Orgs
The Dev Hub gives you and your team the ability to create and manage scratch orgs. It's now easy to link a namespace to your Dev Hub and use it when you build and release your app with managed packages.
You Can Now Indicate Scratch Org Definition Values on the Command Line
A scratch org definition file is no longer required. When creating a scratch org, you can indicate scratch org values directly on the command line using key-value pairs.
Source Format Changes
  • Custom objects and custom object translation are broken down for easier management with your version control system.
  • Documents are now stored in their native extensions (instead of .documents) in your Salesforce DX project.
You Can Specify an installationkey (Password) When You Create a Managed Package
The installation key supplied in the CLI is equivalent to the password you see when working with managed packages in the Salesforce UI.
Automatically Add Package Components to Your Managed Package and Packaging Org
When you convert Metadata API source to Salesforce DX source using force:source:convert, specify the new —packagename option.
Output for source:org:list Has a New Look
The output now separates scratch orgs into their own section. It now includes connection status, and which Dev Hub org or scratch org is the default.