Get More Control over Connected App Access

Salesforce offers an API client whitelisting feature that blocks all OAuth connected app connections to your org until you explicitly approve the connected app. This approval mechanism is commonly referred to as API client or app whitelisting. We improved the process for managing and whitelisting apps. This change applies to both Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic.

Before now, when whitelisting was enabled on your org, connected apps were blocked if you hadn’t explicitly whitelisted them. However, it wasn’t easy to tell when an app was blocked due to whitelisting and also difficult to add the app to the whitelist.

Now you can go to the Connected Apps OAuth Usage page in Setup and see the connected apps that your users have tried against your org. If appropriate, you can install and whitelist them.

From Setup, enter connected apps in the Quick Find box, then select Connected Apps OAuth Usage. To whitelist the app, click Install next to the connected app to install it locally. Then click Edit Policies, and under the OAuth policy, select Admin approved users are pre-authorized. Select which users can access the connected app through permissions.

Whitelisting API connected apps isn’t enabled by default. Request Salesforce to enable the feature.