Lightning Experience Resources: Readiness Check and Feature Optimization

If you and your teams are still working in Salesforce Classic, consider switching to Lightning Experience where we’re developing the latest and greatest features. In it, subscription-based artificial intelligence gets your sales teams making the smartest moves toward closing the most promising deals. Plus, sales reps get access to the best ways to manage leads, opportunities, and the activities related to them. And that’s not all. To help you deliver those great features, we give you resources so that you don’t go at it alone.

Feel Confident About Your Lightning Experience Readiness

If you’re feeling skittish about Lightning Experience, the Readiness Check is here to help you learn where you stand with the new interface. Kicking off the Readiness Check runs an evaluation on your features and customizations and emails you a personalized report about your Salesforce instance. The report describes actions you can take to get your sales features ready for Lightning Experience.

Even if you’ve run the Readiness Check before, we’re always adding to the list of features and customizations that you can evaluate, even between releases. Take some time to check your readiness again. To learn about our latest improvements and how to kick off the check, see Get Expanded Analysis When You Check Your Lightning Experience Readiness.

Optimize Sales Features for Lightning Experience

Get your sales teams to improve selling relationships and close more deals. The trail Optimize Sales Features for Lightning Experience includes modules to help you set up key features for the best selling experience. Lightning Experience for Sales