Do More with Sales Predictions in Collaborative Forecasts

In Lightning Experience, Collaborative Forecasts users now get more information and can do more with it when they’re projecting sales. These changes apply to Lightning Experience only.
Available in: Professional (no custom field forecasts), Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, and Developer Editions

Forecasts page with product families in Lightning Experience
Forecasts users now see:
  • Product family forecasts, if enabled (1)
  • An opportunity summary header with the user, period, and forecast category (2)
We also improved views on the forecasts page.
  • The product family forecasts view is organized first by period, product family, and then user. That way, users see product family forecast totals.
  • The way you expand the forecasts grid remains the same during each session.
  • When you return to the opportunity summary after switching the view, leaving the page, or logging out, the last selected column sort appears (3). When you switch to a forecast view that doesn’t include the column sorted on, the default sort appears.
  • Click the up arrow in the opportunity summary to show more opportunities (4). Then click the down arrow to return to the previous view.

When you use product family forecasts in Lightning Experience, you choose the product families that your users forecast on and the order in which they appear. Keep in mind that the more product families you choose, the more rows appear in the forecasts grid, up to 2,000. To set up product family forecasts, switch to Salesforce Classic.