Accounts: Improved Account Hierarchy and Account Teams, Campaign Members on Accounts, and Field History

See account details from the account hierarchy page, add account team members more accurately. Add campaign members from account records and track account field history. These changes apply to Lightning Experience only.
See Account Hierarchy Details on the Same Page
Now when users hover over an account name in an account hierarchy, a preview card shows more details.
Add Account Team Members with Accuracy
When adding account team members in Lighting Experience, the Contact Access picklist now shows only valid options. No more guessing, or worse, guessing wrong and receiving errors.
Work with Person Accounts in Lightning Console Apps
If you work directly with individuals, as opposed to companies, you know all about the power of person accounts. And if you also rely on the productivity that comes with console apps, console apps now fully support person accounts.
Add Members to Campaigns from Accounts
Your marketing team can work faster by adding members to campaigns directly from the Contacts related list on accounts.
Track Changes to Accounts with Field History
Use the Field History related list in Lightning Experience to track changes to accounts.
Person Accounts Show All Cases in Related Lists
The Cases related list on person account records now includes cases where the person account is listed in the Contact Name field. Previously, only cases where the person account was listed in the Account Name field appeared in the Cases related list.