Get a Free Assessment Before Investing in Data Packages

On AppExchange, you can purchase packages of industry data to enhance your Salesforce accounts, leads, and other data. Before you buy a package, run a free Data Assessment to make sure that the data in the package is valuable for your business. This feature is new in both Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic.
Available in: Professional, Enterprise, Performance, and Unlimited Editions

Any Salesforce admin at your company can run data assessments and access them in Setup.

  1. Install the package.
    AppExchange currently offers one package supporting Data Assessment, by Bombora.
    We notify you in-app and via email when your data package has been installed. The notifications include links to the data integration rules included in the package.
  2. Configure your assessment by choosing the areas of the package data that you’re interested in.
    In Setup, in the Quick Find box, enter Data Integration Rules. Click one of the rules included in the package, and then click Configure.
    For example, suppose that you sell a data analytics product: A search for “analytics” filters the areas included in the data package (1). Select the items you want to include in your assessment (2).Configure a data assessment by selecting of interest
    No need to configure more than one rule: All the rules in a package share a configuration. In some packages, rules aren’t configurable.
  3. Run the assessment.
    We notify you in-app and via email when your assessment is ready. You run a separate assessment for each rule, and each assessment covers a single field in the package data.
    Your assessment includes a match rate—the percentage of your records that can be matched to records in the data package (1). It also segments your data compared to the package data by the areas you choose when configuring. Some assessments include more charts, depending on the nature of the data.
    In this example, the assessment segments the data not only by the product areas selected (2) but also by product category (3).A data assessment