Take Action from the Flagged Discussions Moderation Queue

Moderating your community is now easier and faster with our new Flagged Discussions moderation queue. Optimized for productivity, you can now work through flagged posts and comments quickly while getting all the information you need in context.

Sort, research, act on member activity, and select multiple items directly from Flagged Discussions in the Moderation workspace.Flagged Discussions queue

  • Want to stop an escalation in its tracks? Sort flagged posts and comments by most recent activity. Or if you want to handle all your outstanding flags first, sort them by oldest.

    Flagged Discussions Queue Sort Button

  • I’m sure by now you can spot spam a mile away. Want to delete it all at once and move on to more important stuff? You can select multiple items (or even all of them) and delete or unflag them at the same time.
  • Need more information about a flagged item? Click the post or comment to open up a contextual panel to see how it has been flagged and who flagged it.

    Flagged Discussions Queue Contextual Panel

  • You can also see the entire discussion history by clicking View Discussion.

    Flagged Discussion Queue Details

  • You can see how many of the author’s posts or comments have been deleted in the past. You can also freeze the author or send a message, all from the same page.

    Moderation History Callout



    The Flagged Discussions queue is available only in orgs that have enabled Community Workspaces and for users who have the appropriate moderation permissions.

Chatter REST API and Chatter in Apex support moderation flag details and audit statistics.

For a holistic view of your community’s activity, install or upgrade your Community Management AppExchange package. The Summer ‘17 version of the package will be available soon after the release.