Move Communities Between Orgs with Change Sets

You asked and we delivered! Change sets are now available for Lightning communities and Salesforce Tabs + Visualforce communities, making it easy to move your community between orgs that have a deployment connection. Create, customize, and test your community in your sandbox environment and then migrate the community to production when testing is complete.

To create an outbound change set for a community, go to Outbound Change Sets in Setup and choose the Network component type. Add your community to the change set and include the dependent components. We recommend selecting all the dependencies listed.

Keep the following considerations and limitations in mind when migrating a community with change sets.
  • For Communities, you can only make updates with change sets, which means that you can’t create a new community directly from an inbound change set. Instead, in the destination org, first create a community with the same name and then deploy the inbound change set.
  • When you deploy an inbound change set, it completely overwrites the community in the destination org. For example, let’s say you delete pages from a community in sandbox and then create an updated outbound change set. When you redeploy the change set in a destination org, such as production, the pages are deleted there also.
  • Navigation Menu items are supported. However, for menu items that link to objects, list views are reset to the default list view. Also, custom list views for standard objects aren't included as dependencies.
  • Only the following Administration settings (in Workspaces or Community Management) are supported:
    • Change password page
    • Forgot password page
    • Home page
    • Login page
    • Allow internal users to log in directly to the community option
  • The following items aren’t supported:
    • Page variations and audience targeting
    • Navigational and featured topics
    • Languages

Community migration is also supported via the Metadata API.