What's Available in Salesforce Chatter

You can use Salesforce Chatter to collaborate with coworkers over Chatter in more ways than ever before. Create and post drawings, launch the full Salesforce site with just one login, and enjoy access to Chatter straight from your desktop app.


With the Salesforce Chatter app, you can go straight from working in the Chatter app to launching the full Salesforce site. You only have to log in once when going from the app to the full desktop Salesforce experience, saving time and making everything Salesforce available faster.


You can attach images and files directly in the Salesforce Chatter app. Unique to Salesforce Chatter is a canvas for posting drawings made with your finger or stylus. Use this unique feature to mock up design ideas for your next project or an easy way to share hand-written meeting notes. You can draw and attach directly to your Chatter posts inside the app for easy sharing with colleagues.