Get Expanded Analysis When You Check Your Lightning Experience Readiness

The Readiness Check is chock full of more actionable advice for preparing your Salesforce implementation for Lightning Experience. We’ve got specifics on preparing Sales and Service Console and Salesforce Knowledge, as well as roadmap and usage data for several Service Cloud features. In addition, we’re building on our past advice for resolving Cases and JavaScript buttons and links, and adding insight on who’s ready to move to Lightning Experience. We’ve also reorganized instructions on how to use your report to inform your rollout plan moving forward. And since it only takes one click to get a personalized report sent straight to your email inbox, there’s no reason to wait to kick off the Readiness Check. This change applies to both Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic.
Available in: Professional, Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, and Developer Editions

Even if you’ve run the Readiness Check before, we’re always adding to the list of features and customizations that you can evaluate, even between releases. Take some time to check your readiness again.

You still kick off the Readiness Check from the Lightning Experience Migration Assistant, but the steps are a bit different now. From Setup, click Get Started in the Migration Assistant tile (1). On the Check Readiness tab (2) in the Migration Assistant, click Check Readiness (3).

Kick off the Readiness Check from Lightning Experience Migration Assistant

If you’re using SalesforceA to administer Salesforce from your mobile device, you can also kick off the Readiness Check from the Resources page in the app.

After kicking off the check, the Readiness Report that you receive includes our most up-to-date recommendations on how you can prepare for Lightning Experience.

  • Get insight about how to prepare features like Sales and Service Console and Salesforce Knowledge. You also get Lightning Experience roadmap and usage details on Service features like Live Agent, Omni-Channel, Entitlements, and more.

    Salesforce Console recommendations to prepare for Lightning Experience
  • Get more precise recommendations about how to modify your JavaScript buttons and links for Lightning Experience.

    JavaScript button and link recommendations to prepare for Lightning Experience
  • See where your user profiles stand with Lightning Experience so you can decide who’s most-ready to participate in a pilot.

    Recommendations on who's ready for a pilot program
  • At the end of your report, we’ve added a checklist with explicit advice on which steps to take next on your journey to Lightning Experience.Recommendations on your next steps with Lightning Experience