Promote Your Picklist Fields to Global Value Sets

Global Picklists became generally available Winter ’17. Since then, we’ve been busy adding features, and now you can migrate existing picklist fields into global value sets.
Available in: All Editions

Promote a single picklist field into a global value set by editing your picklist field and clicking Promote to Global Value Set.

Field edit dialog showing the Promote to Global Value Set button.

A new global value set is created, and the promoted field now references it. You can also use the new global value set for other fields.

There are a few limitations to be aware of:

  • You can only promote fields that have fewer than 1,000 values (both active and inactive).
  • You can only promote restricted picklists. If you want to promote an unrestricted picklist, first convert it to a restricted picklist.
  • You cannot promote a field to an existing global value set. But check out this Salesforce Lab App for some help.
  • After a field is promoted, you can’t demote it back.