Send and Manage Orders in Lightning Experience

The Channel Order App (COA) is now available in Lightning Experience. We streamlined order submission so it’s faster to send orders to Salesforce for billing, activation, and provisioning. You also have more flexibility managing your existing orders with new edit, recall, and clone actions. This change applies to both Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic.
Available in: Enterprise, Performance, and Unlimited Editions



This feature is available to eligible Salesforce partners. For more information on the Partner Program, including eligibility requirements, visit

The redesigned order submission wizard (1) makes order entry more efficient. We removed clutter from the interface and show only the details that relate to the type of order you’re creating. We also improved how the app validates orders before they’re submitted, so the orders you send to Salesforce are more accurate.

A view of the new order submission wizard in Channel Order App version 2

Edit, recall, and clone actions (2) provide more flexibility for managing existing orders. You can edit product, license, and pricing details up to 2 hours after submission. Recalling an order permanently removes it from Salesforce’s processing queue. Previously, you had to contact us to edit or recall the orders you submitted. If you want to create an order that’s similar to one you submitted previously, you can save time by cloning the existing order.

A view of the new custom clone, recall,and edit actions in Channel Order App version 2

Upgrades to the Latest Version

If you use COA v1.39 or earlier, Salesforce pushes the latest version (v2.0) of the app to your org. When you upgrade, these considerations apply.

New Permission Set for Access to the COA
In v1.39 and earlier, a custom profile controls access to the COA. In v2.0, you control access with the COA User permission set. When you upgrade, assign the permission set to everyone who needs access to the COA, including users who previously accessed the app using the custom profile.
New Customers Tab
In v2.0, the new Customers tab shows you customer information, including related products and orders. When you upgrade, you must create this tab and configure it to display in the app.
Replaced Orders Tab
In v2.0, the Service Orders tab replaces the Orders tab. When you upgrade, remove the Orders tab from the app and configure the Service Orders tab.
Updated Page Layouts
In v2.0, the customer, service order, partner contract terms, and partner product catalog objects have updated page layouts. When you upgrade, assign the updated layouts to each object.

For more details about upgrading, see the ISVforce Guide.