Get Better Performing, More Secure Content Previews with Lightning Delivery Player

When someone shares a file with you via a public link, you open a preview of that file in the Lightning Delivery Player. The new Lightning Delivery Player runs on HTML5 instead of Flash, improving security. The images are based on vector graphics, which provide higher quality renditions and better performance as they load page by page. The Lightning Delivery Player retains the ability to protect content deliveries with a password and delivery expiration, so content is seen by the right recipients at the right time. This change applies to Lightning Experience only.

The Lightning Delivery Player is available automatically in Lightning Experience. In Salesforce Classic, the Lightning Delivery Player is available automatically in orgs created in Summer ‘17 or later if Lightning Experience is enabled. Although it’s disabled by default in existing orgs in Salesforce Classic, we encourage you to enable Lightning Experience so that it becomes your default player.