Release Notes Changes

Read about changes to the release notes, with the most recent changes first.

September 6, 2017

Changed Header: Assignment Rule
The AssignmentRule header is now applied to Accounts, in addition to Cases and Leads, when Sforce-Auto-Assign is TRUE.
Critical Updates for Stricter CSP Restrictions
The critical updates will be extended to production orgs in Spring ’18, rather than the previously scheduled Winter ’18 release.
Metadata API
The new identityConfirmationOnTwoFactorRegistrationEnabled field on the SecuritySettings type indicates whether users are challenged with Identity Conformation during 2FA registration.

August 30, 2017

Command Your Brand with Dynamic Branding
Added a release note for Dynamic Branding.
Improve Files Adoption with Optimizer Analysis
Added that the Optimizer now includes information about Files adoption in its analysis.
Identify and Replace S-Controls with Optimizer Analysis
Added that the Optimizer recommends replacing s-controls in its analysis.

August 16, 2017

Track and Report on Your Team’s Engage Emails
Added a release note for Engage Team Reports.
Improve Service Cloud Adoption with Optimizer Analysis
Added that the Optimizer now includes information about Service Cloud adoption in its analysis.
New Features in Optimizer Analysis
Added that the Optimizer now includes information about formula fields and static resource limits in its analysis.
Enable Lightning Login for All Users
Added a release note that Lightning Login is available.
Require Identity Confirmation When Adding Two-Factor Authentication
Added a release note explaining that you can require users to verify their identity before allowing them to add two-factor authentication.
Require Identify Verification When Changing Email Address
Added a release note explaining that you can require users to confirm their identities when they change their email address.
Changed Objects
Added the samlIdpSLOBinding and samlSloUrl fields to the ConnectedApp object.

August 9, 2017

SAML Single Logout (SLO) Is Available (Beta)
Added that Salesforce supports only front-channel SAML Single Logout for which Salesforce is the identity provider.
Salesforce Authenticator: More Backup and Version Help
Added information about where to find the app version while in the app, and tips for keeping your account backups current.
Streamline Connected App Access with Improved IP Relaxation
Added a release note explaining the new policies for relaxing IP restrictions.

August 2, 2017

Other Changes to Campaigns
Noted that the legend has been removed from the Campaign Members related list chart on campaigns.
Salesforce DX (Beta)
Added new considerations to the Source Management section of the Salesforce DX (Beta) release notes.
Salesforce Development Tools for Visual Studio Code (Beta)
Added a release note for the Salesforce DX extension bundle for Visual Studio Code, which is being released on August 3, 2017.
Get the Big Picture with Attachments in the Case Feed
Noted that If your org uses custom Apex to create records from social posts, you might have to update Apex code to support attachments.
Do More with Facebook Posts
Added that changes apply to Salesforce Classic and removed that you can respond privately to posts.

July 26, 2017

Lenses Added to Sales App Give You Fine-Grained Data Insights
Added lenses to Sales Analytics prebuilt app to provide detailed data insights about opportunities, sales stage, and pipeline history.
Salesforce DX (Beta)
Added new considerations to the Source Management section of the Salesforce DX (Beta) release notes. Also added link to weekly patch release notes on the Salesforce DX Beta Community page.
Use force:createRecord to Prepopulate Fields on the Record Create Panel
Promoted this change from the New and Changed Lightning Events section to its own release note, with a few added details.
Changed Objects
Noted that the new CanCreateQuoteLineItems field on the Quote object is not used.

July 19, 2017

Upcoming Events Are Now Today's Events
We’ve changed the label for Upcoming Events on the Home page in Lightning Experience.
Assign a Permission Set License
This permission set license requirement includes Health Cloud packages installed in a production or sandbox org after the Summer ’17 release.
Make Lightning Experience the Only Experience
Updated considerations for enabling this permission.
Chatter Answers Retires in Spring ’18
Updated the retirement date of Chatter Answers from Winter ’18 to Spring ’18, and fixed a broken link to the retirement article.
Use Pre-Chat APIs to Send Nonstandard Pre-Chat Details
Added a release note explaining that pre-chat APIs can be used to send nonstandard pre-chat details along with what’s available in setup.
Salesforce Command-Line Interface (CLI)
Added a release note that we renamed a property in the Salesforce CLI command definitions.
Tooling API New and Changed Objects
Added new Tooling API object: SourceMember (Beta).
New and Changed Chatter in Apex Classes
Added a Files Connect section that includes set test methods.

July 12, 2017

Added link to new Trailhead module: Summer ’17 Release Notes Highlights.
Improve Feature Adoption with Optimizer Analysis
Added information about new features that are supported in Optimizer.
Legacy Charts in Salesforce1 Will Retire in Spring ’18 (Phased Retirement)
Updated the retirement date of Legacy Charts in Salesforce1 from Winter ’18 to Spring ’18, and fixed a broken link to the retirement article. Legacy Charts in Salesforce1 are being retired as part of a phased retirement, and the date of full retirement might be moved to a later release.
Modify All Data Permission Is Automatically Selected When You Select Deploy Change Sets
Added a release note explaining that both permissions users need to deploy or validate inbound change sets are now selected when you select Deploy Change Sets. This change was incorrectly included in the Spring ’17 release notes.

July 5, 2017

Stay on Top of Things with the Updated Activity Timeline
Updated the entry on the activity timeline to clarify how email entries work. Expanded emails are shown as a text-only preview, with paragraphs and line breaks in the same place. Case emails do not show the Reply All, Reply, and Forward links.

June 28, 2017

Added a video on getting started with the latest explorer.
Change Opportunity Forecast Categories in Lightning Experience
Added a release note about changes to field on the opportunity object.
Salesforce DX (Beta)
Added release notes for the Beta launch of Salesforce Developer Experience (DX).
New Objects
Added 3 new objects related to Salesforce DX: ScratchOrgInfo, ActiveScratchOrg, and NamespaceRegistry. (Beta)
Metadata API
Added new valid preference field value for the OrgPreferenceSettings metadata type: ScratchOrgManagementPref. (Beta)
New addEventHandler() Method
Use this method instead of the deprecated addHandler() method.
Changes to the Web-to-Case and Web-to-Lead Endpoint URL
Added information about changes to the Web-to-Case and Lead-to-Case endpoint URL.
Added Walkthrough section, which includes a new walkthrough of Lightning console apps.
Other Enhancements to Reports and Dashboards in Lightning Experience
Corrected information about the number of groupings displayed in Dashboard Charts. Line and bar charts display up to 500 groupings. All other charts display up to 200 groupings.
Added links to new Trailhead module and project.
Assess Your Sales Cloud Einstein Readiness
The Einstein Readiness Check is now the Einstein Readiness Assessor.
Use the Developer Hub to Manage Your Scratch Orgs (Beta)
Added information about the Dev Hub.

Also removed release note and topic from the ISVForce Guide about the Salesforce Limited Access - Free because the license is not yet available.

Tooling API
Added information about the new /tooling/composite resource.
Use Async SOQL and UniqueKey for More Flexibility in Login Forensics
Corrected editions by removing Developer Edition. Also added Async SOQL limitations.

June 21, 2017

Use the API to Relate an Existing Opportunity During Lead Conversion
Added a topic about relating existing opportunities to leads during lead conversion via the API.
Create Tasks and Activities with New Buttons
The Activity tab for any object has two new buttons—New Task and New Activity.
Use Your Salesforce Sharing Settings in Wave
Added third option for setting up sharing inheritance in Wave (via the dataset edit page).
Get the Right Tool to the Job with Parts Requests and Stock Transfers
Noted that product transfers cannot be created for product items with serial numbers.
Give Care Team Members Access to Tasks from the Community
Removed the Show All Tasks option that enabled care team members to see the tasks of other members.
Create More Permission Sets in Professional Edition
Added information about a permission set limit increase from 2 to 10 in Professional Edition.

June 14, 2017

Mobile Field Service: Field Service Lightning iOS App Turns 2.0, Android App in Beta
Update the schedule release date of iOS 2.0. Service report feature limitation changes, multiday appointments, community users.
Einstein Analytics, the New Name for Wave Analytics
Wave Analytics, the prebuilt Wave apps, and Einstein Data Discovery have new names.
Do More with Sales Predictions in Collaborative Forecasts
You can now click the up arrow in the opportunity list to show more opportunities on the forecasts page.
What’s New in the Latest Salesforce1 Downloadable Apps
Announcing the general availability of version 13.0 of the Salesforce1 downloadable apps for iOS. Learn all about the new enhancements for your iOS users.
Browser Caching
Support for browser caching has been removed from Summer ’17.
New and Changed Lightning Components
Added information about changes to the lightning:inputRichText component.

June 7, 2017

Track External Object Data Callouts with Event Log Files (Pilot)
Announced the new pilot feature.
Lightning Design System Release Notes
Added a link to the Lightning Design System Release Notes.
Enjoy Profile-Based Access to Field Service Features
Removed a note about changes to Opportunity access, and added a note about changes to Location access.
Criteria-Based Sharing for Work Orders (Generally Available)
Announced that criteria-based sharing for work orders is now generally available.
User Interface API (Developer Preview)
Changed API name from UI API to User Interface API.
Override Standard Actions with Lightning Components
Action overrides aren’t supported in Lightning console apps, and are silently ignored when invoked.

May 31, 2017

Storage Limits, Unsupported Browsers, and New Analysis in Optimizer Reports
Added information about new features that are now supported in Optimizer.
Sales Analytics: Smarter Selling and Sales Process Optimization, Now Faster than Ever
Added new version of app.
Help and Training
Added Help and Training section.
New and Changed Lightning Components
Added information about styling updates to force:recordEdit and force:recordView.
Do More with Field Service in the Process Builder
Added information about new field service object support in Lightning Process Builder.
Supported CometD Versions for Streaming API
Added note about documentation sample upgrades to a new CometD version.
Resource Absences Can Now Overlap
Explained that service resource absences in field service can now overlap.
Modifying an Apex Class Invalidates Platform Cache
Added release note that describes how modifying any Apex class invalidates platform cache.
Deliver Custom Notifications with Platform Events (Generally Available)
Modified the following platform event limits.
  • Maximum number of events published per hour
  • Maximum number of events delivered to CometD clients within a 24–hour period
Create Care Plans That Fit Your Patients

To use multiple care plan record types, existing orgs with cloned permission sets must add Read and Edit permissions to the Care_Plan_Record_Type_Name and Care_Plan_Record_Type_Namespace fields on the Lead object. Users without permissions on these fields can access the default care plan record type only.

Salesforce Chatter: A New Way to Work with Windows 10
Added information about the new Salesforce Chatter app available for Windows 10 Anniversary Edition users.
Updated Event Monitoring Analytics App Lets You Visualize Your Users’ Actions in Lightning Experience
Added information about dashboard and dataset retirement, and added a section discussing dashboard description improvements.
Block Execution of JavaScript in the HYPERLINK Function (Critical Update)
Added link to information on locating the formula fields impacted by the Critical Update.

May 24, 2017

Secure HTTPS Connections for Third-Party Domains
Added information about the new session setting.
See Where Your Service Cloud Features Stand with Lightning Experience
Prepare your Service Cloud features for Lightning Experience using the Readiness Check.
Mute Your Microphone During Calls
Added information about the new mute button in Lightning Dialer.
Get Extended Error Details for Flows in the Tooling API
Corrected the v39.0 example to reference “UNKNOWN_EXCEPTION”.
Changed Objects
For the QuoteLineItem object, the Product2Id field is required.
View Asset Level at a Glance
Introduced the new Asset Level field.
Enjoy Profile-Based Access to Field Service Features
Added information about changes to the way object access is granted to Field Service Lightning users.
SAML Signing Certificate Is Being Retired
Added information about retiring our SAML proxy certificate and how to prepare for it.
Enjoy a Spiffier Look and Feel in Lightning Experience
Added description of visual-design and text changes in Lightning Experience.

May 17, 2017

Set Up Extended Mail Merge from Salesforce Classic Without a Call to Customer Support
Added steps for setting up Extended Mail Merge.
Track Time with the New Time Field Type (Pilot)
Contact Salesforce to participate in the pilot program for a new custom field type that tracks date-independent time, such as business hours.
Stay in Your Current App When You Open Favorites
Added information about changes to favorites in Lightning Experience.
Easily Switch Between Your Salesforce Org and Communities
Clarified that with the App Launcher in communities you can now switch back and forth between your Salesforce org in Lightning Experience and your Lightning communities.

May 10, 2017

Get Expanded Analysis When You Check Your Lightning Experience Readiness
Added details about how to kick off the Readiness Check from SalesforceA on your mobile device.
Keep Your Code Current with Optimizer
Optimizer now analyzes Apex and Visualforce code to check whether your API versions are up to date.
Find Unused Reports and Dashboards with Optimizer
Optimizer now analyzes reports and dashboards to check whether any haven’t been run in more than a year.
Lightning Sync for Google: Two-Way Contact Sync, General Availability
Clarified that in Summer ’17 Lightning Sync is introducing two-way sync for contacts only.
Simplified Job Process for Bulk API 2.0 (Pilot)
Bulk API 2.0 now provides a simplified process for creating jobs and uploading job data.
POST Method for runTestsSynchronous Requires View Setup Permission (Critical Update)
View Setup user permission now required to run tests synchronously using the post method for /runTestsSynchronous/.
Withdrawn New Option for Parallel Testing on the isTest() Annotation
The isParallel option on the isTest() annotation is not available in this release. The release note about the option was removed.
Recompiles Triggered by Deployment Changes Withdrawn
Automatic recompile of Apex classes before completing a metadata deployment, a package install, or a package upgrade has been deferred. The release note about this feature was removed.
Prepopulate Fields on a Record Create Panel
Added information about the updated function, which now includes defaultFieldValues.
Extended Deadline for TLS 1.0 Disablement in Communities
To give admins more time to prepare community users, the TLS 1.0 disablement deadline for Salesforce Communities has been extended to March 2018.
Supported Browsers
Removed browser versions that are no longer supported and clarified some of the browser limitations.
Say Goodbye to Dropped Chats for Wandering Visitors
The storageDomain parameter is now required for version 2.0 code snippets. Added usage details.
Disable Lookup Record Preview in Lightning Experience for Accessibility
Added details on the option to disable lookup record preview.
SalesforceA: More Resource Options for Android and iOS Users
Announcing the general availability of SalesforceA version 3.1 for Android, and SalesforceA version 3.4 for iOS.
Analyze and Improve Community Performance (Developer Preview)
The Salesforce Communities Page Optimizer is available as a developer preview.
You Asked for It!
Added Ideas that we delivered.

May 3, 2017

New Apex Classes
Removed the Metadata.DeployCallbackQueueable class.
New and Changed Lightning Components
Renamed lightning:formattedRelative to lightning:relativeDateTime for a clearer name that reflects what the component does.
Show Custom Apps in Lightning Experience
If you haven’t yet enabled Lightning Experience for your org, we’re changing the custom app settings for your Classic apps to enable Show in Lightning Experience. When you enable Lightning Experience for the org, those apps are visible.