Experience Wave Via Streamlined Pathways for Business Users and Builders

We optimized the Wave experience based on the user’s environment. Users can take either a business user path or a Wave builder path, depending on what they want to do, and they can switch paths at any time. These informal paths don’t restrict access but do help users with different goals to go where they want fast.

Salesforce Environment

Stay in Salesforce

Analytics tab

Run and explore apps

Wave Analytics home

Two Paths

Signpost with two paths

Wave Environment

Go to Wave > Apps selector >

Wave tile

Browse and build assets

Browse tab in Wave environment

The business user path, generally for those with Use Wave Analytics permission, leads to ready-to-explore dashboards and lenses in curated apps. For this path, direct your users to the Analytics tab in Lightning Experience or Salesforce Classic. Within the Analytics tab, clicking an app tile starts the app running with the first dashboard or lens in its organized navigation.

In a running app, the navigation panel control (The navigation icon has the image of a list) is now located left of the app name. Builder actions, such as edit, clip, clone, and save, aren’t available. To perform these actions, users switch to the builder path by clicking the Open in Wave (The Open in Wave icon has the Wave spinner) control.

The builder path, generally for users with permission to create Wave assets, leads to ready-to-explore datasets and ready-to-edit apps, dashboards, and lenses. For this path, direct your users to the Wave Analytics environment. Within Wave, clicking an app tile opens the app’s browse page, giving builders quicker access to all app assets. The option to run the app is available from the Run App button or the dropdown action list on the tile.

Drop-down Run App option on app tiles

When running an app in the Wave environment, the share and edit actions are available as icon controls rather than hidden in the dropdown action list. The builder or app manager can organize the navigation that will be seen in the Analytics tab. And the option to browse is available from the dropdown list.

Drop-down action list in a running app