Embed Wave Dashboards in Communities the Easy Way with Community Builder

Use the Customer Service (Napili) template to add Wave dashboards via the new Wave component available in Community Builder. Previously, to incorporate Wave into communities, you created Visualforce pages and added tabs to your community. Now you can point and click your way to Wave in Communities.

To add a dashboard to your community, use the new Wave Dashboard component in the Community Builder.

Community Builder showing Wave Dashboard component

In addition to the height, you can configure the following attributes of the embedded Wave Analytics dashboard.
  • Show Sharing Icon—Add the Share icon on the dashboard. Users can click the icon to open the Share dialog, where they can post to Chatter and download images and data.
  • Show Title—Control the visibility of the dashboard title.
  • Open Links in New Windows—Specify where links from the dashboard to other assets are opened.
  • Hide On Error— Control whether the Wave Analytics dashboard appears if there is an error, such as the dashboard can’t be found.
  • Filter—Configure the embedded dashboard to show only the data that’s relevant for the record being viewed. The Filter attribute links data fields in the dashboard to the object’s fields. In this example, the dashboard is filtered by the account name on the record page and shows only data related to that account name.
    {'datasets':{'account':[{'fields':['Name'], 'filter':{'operator': 'matches', 'values':['$Name']}}]}}
    This example applies the account name as a selection. With the selection option, the dashboard displays all its data, and the specified values are highlighted.
    {'datasets' : {'account': [ {'fields': ['Name'], 'selection': ['$Name']}]}}