Tailor the Results to the User Viewing the Dashboard

You can modify a step query based on the logged-in user. For example, you can filter opportunity records and show only those opportunities owned by this user. Previously, you could only apply user tokens to the start value.

You can specify user tokens in any query parameter in saql, soql, and aggregateflex step types. To specify a token, use the following syntax: !{user.<User object field name>}. Valid tokens are: user.Id, user.name, user.roleid, and user.rolename.

The following saql-type step uses the user.Id token as a query filter so that opportunity owners viewing the dashboard can only see their opportunities.
"My_Opportunities_1": {
    "type": "saql",
    "query": "q = load "GeoOpp";q = filter q by 'OwnerId' == \"!{user.Id}\;q = group q by 'Type';q = foreach q generate 'Type' as 'Type', count() as 'count';q = order q by 'Type' asc;q = limit q 2000;",
    "isFacet": true,
    "useGlobal": true,
    "numbers": [],
    "groups": [],
    "strings": [],
    "label": "My Opportunities"