Emails Sent for Approval Requests, Workflow Alerts, and Cases Now Include a Link to the Community

Emails created from a text email template with the {!<any_object>.Link} merge field now include a link to the community when the email is sent to external users. Previously, the link directed external users to the internal organization.
Only the following scenarios include a link to the community:
  • Approval requests using the {!<any_object>.Link} merge field (sent to approvers and delegated approvers)
  • Workflow email alerts using the {!<any_object>.Link} merge field
  • Case comment notifications to contacts and owners using the {!Case.Link} merge field
  • Case creation and update notifications to contacts using the {!Case.Link} merge field. These emails are sent when Send contact notification is selected in Setup from Case | Support Settings.

To find out if your text email template uses these merge fields, from Setup, click Communication Templates | Email Templates, and then click Edit next to any email template. These merge fields don’t apply to Visualforce email templates.

If the user receiving the email is a member of multiple active communities, the link directs the user to the oldest active community. If the user is in context of a community, the link directs the user to that community. If the user is not a member of any community, the link directs to the internal organization.


When an external user who is a member of a community receives an email for an approval request notification, the link in the email is a direct link to the approval request within the community. This link is controlled by the {!<any_object>.Link} merge field within the email template.