Referential Integrity Validation Expanded

An expanded range of changes to Lightning components and component dependencies are validated when saved to ensure that the changes don’t break existing code.

You can reference component names, custom object and field names, class names, and so on in your Lightning components markup. When they change—for example, if you change the name of a custom component—code that references the changed item also needs to change. In some cases—for example, changing the name of a custom object—these changes are made automatically and happen behind the scenes. In other instances, you need to make code changes manually. In those cases, you receive a compilation error when you try to save the incompatible change.

Referential integrity checking is expanded to include explicit dependency references using <aura:dependency> and references that extend through an inheritance hierarchy. References to custom fields are also validated and updated more thoroughly.

Referential integrity validation still has a few gaps, mostly to do with references within JavaScript code and inside of expressions. Even complete validation can’t prevent many kinds of errors. Nevertheless, this validation makes it easier to refactor and grow your code, and gives you confidence as you do it.