Access Data Across Multiple Organizations with the Lightning Connect Salesforce Connector

Collaborate more effectively and improve processes by sharing data across your Salesforce organizations. Provide users with a seamless view of data in your other organizations so that they have a complete view of the business. Setting up the Salesforce adapter for Lightning Connect is quick and easy with point-and-click tools.

The Salesforce adapter for Lightning Connect uses the REST API to access the data in other organizations. Your users and the platform interact with the other organizations’ data via external objects. See the Salesforce Help for details about the Salesforce adapter for Lightning Connect.


Suppose you store your inventory of products in one Salesforce organization. Perhaps you want your regional and local branch offices, who have their own organizations, to see the latest information about your stock. With the Salesforce adapter for Lightning Connect, those other organizations can easily access your data while respecting access restrictions that you control.