Route Text Messages and Chats to Qualified Agents with Skills-Based Routing (Generally Available)

Route customers from both Live Agent and LiveMessage channels to qualified agents based on the skills needed to assist them. Use skills, agent availability, and skill levels to assign the customer an agent who is right for the job. Previously, this feature was in Beta for Live Agent and was unavailable for LiveMessage.

Where: This feature is available to org with Live Agent or LiveMessage. Live Agent is available in Performance and Developer edition orgs that were created after June 14, 2012, and in Unlimited and Enterprise edition orgs with the Service Cloud. LiveMessage is available through a Digital Engagement add-on. LiveMessage in Lightning Experience is available in Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, and Developer editions with the Service Cloud.

Why: Skills-based routing allows work items to be routed using more sophisticated and dynamic criteria than queue-based routing.

How: To utilize skills-based routing, enable the feature, enable and create skills, create service resources for agents, and assign skills to service resources. Then you set up routing.