Changes in Lightning Locker

Lightning Locker supports the new Lightning Web Components programming model, improves Locker API Viewer, and contains many bug fixes and security improvements.

The Lightning Locker architectural layer enhances security by isolating individual Lightning components in their own containers and enforcing secure coding practices.

Support for Lightning Web Components

The new Lightning web components are protected by Lightning Locker.

Increased Security for SVG Files

Lightning Locker sanitizes SVG files to remove potentially malicious JavaScript code. This prevents use of SVG files in cross-site scripting attacks.

Locker API Viewer Changes

  • Locker API Viewer more accurately reports differences between native browser APIs and Locker APIs. You see more orange highlights, which signal that an API is present and secured by Lightning Locker.
  • The original Locker API Viewer that was at is deprecated. That site now links to the current Locker API Viewer.