Reference Asset Files with the $ContentAsset Global Value Provider

The $ContentAsset global value provider lets you reference images, style sheets, and JavaScript used as asset files in your Lightning components. Reference $ContentAsset asset files by name instead of using cumbersome file paths or URLs. $ContentAsset provides sharing, versioning, and access control for all asset files, as well as options for mobile optimization and resizing of image files. You can use $ContentAsset in Lightning components markup and within JavaScript controller and helper code.

Where: This change applies to Lightning Experience in Professional, Enterprise, Performance, and Unlimited editions.

How: To reference a specific asset file in component markup, use $ContentAsset.yourNamespace__assetName. Orgs without a namespace can use $ContentAsset.assetDeveloperName. Use this syntax regardless of whether an asset is for authenticated or unauthenticated sessions. To reference a content asset within an archive, add pathinarchive as a parameter appended to the basic syntax: $ContentAsset.yourNamespace__assetName + 'pathinarchive=images/sampleImage.jpg'.

Include cascading style sheets or JavaScript libraries in a component using the <ltng:require> tag.



The $ContentAsset global value provider doesn’t support versions or scaling parameters. Only the latest version of the asset file is served, and only the original size of the image is returned.