Release Note Changes

Read about changes to the release notes, with the most recent changes first.

February 13, 2019

New Names and Licensing for Financial Services Analytics Templates
Announcing new names and licensing for Einstein Analytics Financial Services Cloud templates.
More Ways to Distribute Your Branded App with Mobile Publisher
Starting February 11, 2019, the new release of Mobile Publisher features new ways to ditribute your branded app to your users.
What’s New in Salesforce for Android and iOS

Salesforce for Android and iOS version 18.0 will be available the week of February 11, 2019. Learn all about the new enhancements for your users.

Drive Your Lightning Experience Transition from One Place
Updated the release note to provide images and more details about the new Lightning Experience Transition Assistant. The Transition Assistant replaces the current Lightning Experience Migration Assistant on a rollling basis from mid-February through mid-March, 2019.
Health Cloud Analytics Template Renamed Patient Risk Stratification
Announcing name change of Analytics template.
Track User Actions in Time-Based Workflows on the Logout Event Type
The Logout event type for the EventLogFile standard object now includes LOGIN_KEY and SESSION_KEY fields.
Create CSP Trusted Sites to Use WebSocket Connections
WebSocket connections are now supported for Lightning components.
Improved Validation for Custom Field Deletion
Custom fields that are used in Aura components can no longer be deleted.
Added three new resources for Lightning Scheduler.
Improved Data Validation and Conversion for Apex Method Parameters
We’ve improved validation and deserialization for data passed to Apex method parameters in Lightning components.
Use Custom Apex Types as Apex Method Parameters
A parameter in an Apex method in a Lightning component can now have a custom Apex class type.
Sync More Data with the Snowflake Computing Connector
The Snowflake Computing connector can sync more rows of data.
Rich Text Component Uses the Quill Text Editor
Added information about link targets in Quill.
New and Changed Aura Components
Removed entry for aura:unescapedHtml because the component change was reverted.
Safeguard Data in Searchable Objects with Improved Enforcement of Field-Level Security
Added information about enforcement of field-level security in search results.
Use Custom Tracker Domains in Email Links and Vanity URLs
Updated release note to reflect new release date.
$Site.AdminEmailAddress to Be Deprecated in Summer ’19
Added release note about deprecating $Site.AdminEmailAddress.
Control Whether Guest Users Can See Lightning Features in Sites
Added release note about disabling Lightning features for guest users in Sites.
Improved Navigation Experiences in Communities
Added release note and pointer topic about new fix for navigateToUrl when a URL fragment is passed as an argument in Lightning Communities.
Get Search Results for More Objects
Added details about where the Calendar Name field is searchable.
New Objects
Added DataUseLegalBasisOwnerSharingRule and DataUsePurposeOwnerSharingRule.

February 4, 2019

Create More Complex Visualforce Pages with Increased View State Limit

The maximum view state size limit was increased from 135KB to 170KB.

Identify Customers for Immediate Action with the Einstein Analytics Client Segmentation App
Announcing new Analytics app for Financial Services Cloud customers.
Move Feed Items for Best Placement
Corrected user permission required for moving feed items.
Get More Out of CMS for Community Cloud (Beta)
Added clarification for delay of video support in CMS content in production environments.
Rename Your Apex Symbols in Visual Studio Code
Added release note for the February 9, 2019 GA of Apex Refactor: Rename.
Changed Objects
Added EmailTemplate as a value for the Type field on the Folder object.
New and Changed Aura Components
Added information about a change in the tabindex attribute.
Added note about IANA time zone names for timeZone attribute for lightning:formattedDateTime.
Changes in Lightning Locker
Added note about Locker sanitizing SVG files.
You Asked for It!
Announced IdeaExchange delivery for syncing Microsoft® Exchange recurring events with Lightning Sync.
Preserve Bundle Structure Field Is Required for Amendments
Added release note about new requirements for amending contracts.
Salesforce Billing Spring ’19 Pre-Installation Instructions
Added new requirement to suspend batch processes for payment runs and invoice runs before installing Salesforce Billing Spring ’19.
Create, Brand, and Distribute a Custom Salesforce Community Mobile App
Added a release note for the February 11, 2019 GA of Salesforce Mobile Publisher for Community Cloud.

February 1, 2019

Deliver Holistic Care and Support with Social Determinants of Health Insights
Added information about when the Social Determinants and Code Sets data model features are available.
Add Code Sets to Pre-Authorization Requests and Approval Processes
Added information about when the Social Determinants and Code Sets data model features are available.

January 31, 2019

Removed: Capture Change Events in Apex Triggers (Developer Preview)
This feature isn’t quite ready, so we’re removing it while we make improvements.

January 30, 2019

Help and Training
Added omitted documentation about supported languages, and added new Trailhead trails, modules, and instructional videos.
Metadata API
Updated release note for BotVersion metadata type: sourceType has a subtype of BotVariableOperand, not BotStepCondition. Also, sourceType is no longer a required field.
Added changes for the ProfileActionOverride metadata type. This metadata type can no longer be defined on Profile. Instead, define the metadata type from the related CustomApplication.
Changed Objects
Added the IsArchived field to the PricebookEntry object.
Enable Improved Caching of Org Schema (Critical Update, Postponed)
Updated release note to indicate that the critical update is postponed to Summer ’19.
Script Tags Blocked in Dynamically Created Components
Added release note for new restriction in Aura components.
Get Faster Page Loads in Your Community
Updated release note with guidance to include in corporate whitelists to ensure functionality. In addition, added context for clarity.
Find Your Email Templates Quickly
Updated topic to clarify that the Email Templates page displays Lightning email templates only.
Postponed “Stabilize the Hostname for My Domain URLs in Sandboxes” (Critical Update)
Added release note about postponing a critical update.
OAuth 2.0 Connected App Client Secrets Require More Characters
Updated topic to clarify that the change in size of the client secret does not impact existing OAuth connected apps.
Einstein Prediction Builder: Enhanced Scorecard, Notifications, and New Setup Flow (Generally Available)
Added release note about Einstein Prediction Builder’s general availability.
Connect to Your Data in Oracle Eloqua and NetSuite (Beta)
Added release note about Oracle Eloqua and NetSuite connectors.
Removed: Assess Audience Effectiveness with Google Analytics
This feature isn’t quite ready, so we’re removing it while we make improvements.
Removed: Filter Reports by Inactive Picklist Values
This feature isn’t quite ready, so we’re removing it while we make improvements. We’ll let you know once it’s back up.
Turn On Lightning Experience (Critical Update)
Updated when the update appears under Critical Updates and when the update auto-activates.
Lightning Data Service Returns New Error Values
Added release note about for new error values returned by Lightning Data Service.

January 23, 2019

Prepare Visualforce Pages for Lightning Experience with the Lightning Experience Configuration Converter (Beta)
Clarified that the Visualforce tab in the Lightning Experience Configuration Converter replaces the Visualforce check in the Readiness Check.
Build Flows More Intuitively with Flow Builder
Clarified note about updating flow error messages to reflect terminology used in Flow Builder.
Field Service Mobile App: Welcome to Version 5.0
Field Service Mobile App Version 5.0 is releasing in January.
You Asked for It!
Added Ideas that we delivered.
Changed Objects
Fixed the name of the new field, EmailTemplateId, for the EmailMessage object.
Added the new field, ActionCadenceStepTrackerId, to the EmailMessage object.
Account For Your Customers’ Email Opt Out Preferences
Clarified previous functionality for email opt out.
Removed: Email Relay Activation Settings Have Moved to a Different Page
This feature isn’t quite ready, so we’re removing it while we make improvements.
Some Features in the Lightning Experience Migration Assistant are Renamed
We’ve modified the names of two options in the Lightning Experience Migration Assistant: Encourage users to stay in Lightning Experience and Keep Lightning Experience users in Lightning Experience only.
Use Edit Inline in Record Detail
New topic announcing extension of inline editing in record detail components in Lightning Communities.
Add Custom Resources to the Refreshed Lightning Experience Help Menu
Revised to clarify that the Learn More with Trailhead section was replaced with links to Trailhead modules in other sections of the Help Menu. Also clarified that the link to search for content in Salesforce Help was replaced with the ability to search documentation from within the Help Menu.
New Status Codes for Event Publishing Failures
Added information about a status code returned when platform event publishing limits are exceeded.
DOM Inspection Tests Are Subject to Change
Clarified messaging for end-to-end UI tests.
Upgrade to the Spring ‘19 Versions of Analytics for iOS and Android
Added release notes about Einstein Analytics Mobile new releases, which include the new color scheme, images in tables, suggested charts, and long-press on charts.
Dev Hub: New Limited Access License
Use the free Limited Access License to add users to your Dev Hub org to provide them the ability to create scratch orgs.
“Make Sure Records That Are Submitted Behind the Scenes Are Routed to the Right Approval Process” Critical Update Postponed
Added release note about postponing a critical update.

January 16, 2019

Organize Email Templates with Folders and Nesting
Clarified when the Create Folders for Lightning Email Templates permission is needed.
Add Quip Documents Directly to Salesforce Records (Beta)
Added a release note about the new Quip Document component. IDE Is Being Retired in October 2019
Added release note about the October 2019 retirement of the IDE plug-in for Eclipse.
Tooling API
Added the PackageInstallRequest object’s new UpgradeType field.
Enjoy Improved Field Service Help Content
Added a release note about new Field Service Lightning help content.
Removed: See Which Objects Were Searched at a Glance
This feature isn’t quite ready for showtime, so we’re removing it for now while we make improvements. We’ll let you know when it’s back up.
Removed: Create Objects From Spreadsheets
Removed the release note. Creating objects from spreadsheets isn’t available in Spring ’19.
Scratch Orgs: Configurable Salesforce Environments
Added information on new and deprecated scratch org features. Announced that org preferences won’t be deprecated in Winter ’19.
Track Data Changes to External Objects More Easily (Beta)
Added release note for External Change Data Capture (Beta)

January 9, 2019

Concentrate Your Marketing Efforts with Pardot Business Units
Added release note about feature availability.
Send the Session ID Securely in Outbound Messages
Added release note about a security enhancement for outbound messages.
Changed Objects
Added release note about new PermissionSetGroupId field in PermissionSetAssignment object.
Home Page Profile Assignments No Longer Editable for Classic Apps That Are Visible in Lightning
Added release note about feature availability.
Get More Security with a Refreshed Password Blacklist
Removed the instructions to contact Salesforce Customer Support to extend the password blacklist. The password blacklist is extended by default.
Salesforce Billing Spring ’19 Pre-Installation Instructions
Added pre-installation instructions for Salesforce Billing.
Enable Consumption Schedules for Salesforce CPQ and Billing
Added enablement instructions for consumption schedules.
Use Consumption Schedules and Consumption Rates in Custom Scripts
Moved release note from the Other Changes in Salesforce CPQ section to the Price Usage with Consumption Schedules section.

January 8, 2019

Improve Dataset Security with Broader Sharing Inheritance
Removed release note.

December 26, 2018

Changed Objects
Added a change to ForecastingShare.
Added a change to ForecastingType.
Test Process Scheduled Actions and Flow Resume Events with Apex
Added details about how to test scheduled actions in event processes.
Changed Apex Classes
Updated to reflect that stopTest also works for processes that start when a platform event message is received.
Build Flows More Intuitively with Flow Builder
Added note about updating flow error messages to reflect terminology used in Flow Builder.
Convert and Move Faster in the Lightning Experience Configuration Converter
Updated the Where statement to update the availability date of the changes to starting in early 2019.
GoodData Is Being Retired
Added release note about GoodData retirement.

December 20, 2018

Salesforce Billing: New Invoicing Options for Usage Summaries and Evergreen Subscriptions
Warned users with Avalara for Salesforce Billing to wait before upgrading to Salesforce Billing Spring ’19.
Create Revenue Schedules Based on Order Product Bookings Amount
Clarified that the Order Product Bookings field shows an order product’s bookings amount.
Salesforce CPQ and Billing: Expanded Invoicing, Amendment Options, and Consumption Schedules for Usage Summaries
Added a link to a knowledge article showing all new Salesforce CPQ & Billing objects, fields, and picklist values for Spring ’19.

December 17, 2018

Salesforce Spring ’19 Release Notes
Published preview release notes.