Other Enhancements to Reports in Lightning Experience

In addition to this release’s major features, we’ve made some small-but-notable improvements to reports. These changes apply to Lightning Experience only.
When Copying a Report, “Clone” is now “Save As”
Previously, to make a copy of a report, you clicked Clone. Now, to make a copy, click Save As. The Save As dialog now features three radio buttons.
  • Make Private—Save the copied report in Private Reports.
  • Make Public—Save the copied report in Public Reports.
  • Move into Folder—Save the copied report in a report folder of your choice.
Some Areas in the Report Builder Are a Little Less Blue
In fact, they’re gray. Previously, parts of the report builder, such as the field headings, were shaded blue. The run-report page’s coloring remains unchanged.
“No Results” Message in the Report Builder Features a New Image
When a report returns no results, a new image appears in the report preview. Don’t worry. Astro is still there!
Double-Click a Field to Add as a Report Column
In the report builder, double-click a field from the fields pane to add it as a column.
Time Fields Display as Times in Reports
Previously, time fields displayed as numbers. Now, the time value is formatted like a time.
Get Help Finding Fields
When your search for a field in a Lookup returns no results, you can now display all available fields. To see available fields, click Show all fields in the “no fields found” message.